Borador "Goldhand" (a moniker picked up for his legendary avarice) is a dwarven treasure-hunter and one of the five starting playable characters in Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II. He is classed as a rogue and uses numerous thief abilities.

Background Edit

Though this is not revealed until late in the game, Borador is a member of the Goblin-breaker Clan. His clan-brother, Durbem, speaks of a large debt that their clan owes to some elves, but does not reveal who exactly, or why the clan is indebted to them. Aiding his clan in paying the elves back is one of Borador's primary motivations for his adventuring work.

Adventuring Career Edit

In the introduction to Dark Alliance II, Borador's reason for travelling to Baldur's Gate in search of adventure is said to be 'wealth.' This is reflected throughout the game, and he often makes sure he will be well-paid before before embarking on a quest. Nonetheless in the optional side-quests specific to Borador he donates large sums of gold to paying his clan's debt to the elves. In matters concerning his clan, Borador displays altruistic qualities that are not seen in his dealings with others. When he discovers that Mordoc SeLanmere has taken control of Baldur's Gate Borador's first reaction is to declare his intention to loot the city. This may be no more than a joke and he soon decides to save it instead. He does say however that he will charge the Grand Dukes for his trouble, and presumably on this point he is serious.

The game level specific to Borador is to clear out a dwarven hall that has been infested by a basilisk, so that the Goblin-breaker clan may open up mining operations there and finally pay their debt. This mission Borador undertakes seemingly out of loyalty to the clan, but claiming the considerable treasure that such a quest entails may also be a motivation.

Borador takes a fairly casual approach to most of his work, and often displays irreverent behaviour. If a fellow player character is killed he appears to take it as a personal slight rather than show any sign of grief. Nevertheless he makes it clear, when asked, that under no circumstances would he fight on Mordoc's side, suggesting a degree of goodly inclination may be melded with his material interest and clan loyalties.

Abilities Edit

Alone of the playable characters, Borador has the thief's ability of disarming traps. He also possesses numerous 'smokepowder' explosive weapons, including the ability to lay remotely-detonated satchels. As a largely free-lance treasure-hunter, Borador does not specialise in many conventional dwarven battle tactics like heavy armour and weapons, but after fulfilling his duties to his clan he can unlock the ability to use 'dwarven warsong,' a possible allusion to the practises of his clan. He also has the option of specialising in the lore of creating magical items.

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