Bosturo was a noted sage and keeper of the Muradi Lighthouse in Koryo around 1357 DR.


Bosturo grew up in the Quang Muku Forest, but came to be the Master of the Muradi Lighthouse in 1308 DR. With dedicated service, he had held this position for 49 years by 1357 DR. At one point, he received a scroll of commendation from the ex-king of Silla, and displayed it proudly in his studio.


As Master of the Muradi Lighthouse, Bosturo's duty to keep its lamp burning to warn ships of the flaming seas that lay off the coast of the southwestern tip of the Koryo Peninsula.

In his spare time, he studied and wrote of the flora and fauna of Koryo. He was a particular expert on the less-familiar plants of Quang Muku, and many of the potions that could be brewed or distilled from them. He would speak of his studies for a fee.


Bosturo was naturally rather lonely, and so was rather talkative when he had visitors. For a good conversation, he would even reduce his fee.


Bosturo had never cut his hair in his life, so his braided gray hair was so long it swept the floor behind him.[1]


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