Brace Skatterhawk was a knight and a member of the Skatterhawk noble family in Cormyr who rode with Princess Alusair Obarskyr.


In the Year of the Gauntlet, 1369 DR, Alusair and her knights were operating in the Stonelands, pursuing a bold orc band that had raided a caravan east of Eveningstar; in six days of pursuit, they'd killed a hydra, a "fire lizard", and three chimeras. Beldred Truesilver sent Brace and Threldryn Imbranneth to watch Alusair when she stepped aside to receive a private message. They returned to find Beldred and the knights had impetuously pursued the orcs into an ambush, and a few were killed. Alusair rallied her forces to defeat the orcs—Brace struck one—before deducing they served a dark naga and the Zhentarim, who had been charming and transporting monsters into the area. Brace was one of those who volunteered to aid Alusair, and had a hand in slaying the naga.

Afterward, Kortyl Rowanmantle and other knights teased Brace over rumors that he was the illegitimate son of King Azoun IV. Alusair overheard and privately questioned Brace, and he admitted it was apparently true and thus her own half-brother. Alusair admitted she had been attracted to Brace, but unable to have him as lover, husband, or brother, she accepted him as a close friend.[1]


Brace was officially the son of Narbreth Skatterhawk, head of the family,[2] but he'd been told he was truly the son of King Azoun IV and thus the half-brother of Princess Alusair.[1] Unfortunately, Narbreth related a story that Alusair had been seen lustily kissing Brace and thought he could potentially be king with her.[2]

For his part, Brace admired Alusair[1][2] and she liked him, appreciating his skill in battle. They became close friends on the trail.[1]




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