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Bracers of the Blinding Strike

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Bracers of the Blinding Strike were a pair of magical bracers worn on the wrists.[1]


In 1357 DR[2], the drow ranger, Drizzt Do'Urden, exploited the speed weakness against Dantrag Baenre in Menzoberranzan. The latter was unable to improvise during combat and was forced to stick to rote and practiced combinations, which allowed Drizzt to gain the upper hand.[3] Drizzt wore the bracers on his hands during 1358 DR, but due to the sudden lunging of his lightning quick attacks, he soon realized they restricted and hampered his ability to adapt and improvise. Since he could not maneuver during any particular strike or defensive block, he moved the bracers to his legs to balance out his agile reflexes.[4]


The bracers allowed the wearer's hands to move at roughly twice their normal speed as per a haste spell. However, unlike the typical benefits granted by this spell, they did not increase the speed at which the wearer's mind functioned. The bracers weighed 1 lb (0.45 kg).[1]


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