Brandobaris was the halfling deity of thievery and an exarch of Sheela Peryroyl. He was the misapprehensions of halflings held by most races in divine form. He was constantly scheming and meddling, as he was curious and with a short attention span. Where the tall races would add more interest in one's purse than his character, Brandobaris cares for character more. Brandobaris had few enemies, as his charm and wits allowed him to escape from trouble.


Brandobaris' worshipers were usually Lightfoot Halflings who share his curiosity. His stories were often adored by children who were raised with the stories of his exploits. Strongheart Halfling communities often discouraged his worship as it was associated with an undisciplined lifestyle and thievery. Ghostwise Halflings saw him as the perversion of civilized society.


Brandobaris had a relation with Tymora, which was likely the reason for his luck. Brandobaris also got on well with the rest of his pantheon. The other way around, however, was not the case. Garl Glittergold, Erevan Ilesere, Tymora, and Brandobaris formed an informal group of mischief, which sometimes worked on the nerves of more serious gods, such as Helm. Vergadain, Baervan Wildwanderer, and Quorlinn enjoyed his friendship as well.[3] Mask had Brandobaris' respect on terms of skill, however his cruelty prevented them from forming a friendship. Brandobaris' exploits led to the enmity of Beshaba and Urdlen. For Abbathor, Brandobaris had no love, as he only cares about the gold.


Brandobaris played a role in creation of Luiren, the halfling lands. Stories goes that he tricked an ogre in a series of challenges after which he had won the land for the halfling race. Furthermore there are stories about him tricking dragons and escaping from hordes of devils with bags of their treasure. His greatest tale would likely be how he snuck into Myrkul's Bone Citadel to save thousands of innocents and left a vase of flowers in return and some erotically shaped chocolate candies.


Seek excitement and danger wherever your feet take you, for risk-taking leads to life's greatest rewards. Lust for thrill, not for treasure, for greed obscures the true prize of the experience. At the end of the day, the halfling with the wildest tale is the most honored in the eyes of the Irrepressible Scamp.[4]


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