Branwen was a human female cleric of Tempus who lived in the late 13th century DR. Born in the village of Seawolf in the Norheim Isles, Branwen was reviled by her fellow villagers for pursuing the traditionally male-oriented profession of priest. She wandered the Sword Coast, eventually falling in with a malicious adventuring troupe. When Branwen realized the troupe engaged in banditry, she rebelled, but was turned to stone by the mage Tranzig. She remained encased in stone as an attraction at the Nashkel carnvival until 1368 DR, when she was freed by the Bhaalspawn known as Gorion's Ward.[1] Upon the defeat of Sarevok and his followers Branwen returns to her village.


For her appearance in Baldur's Gate, Branwen was voiced by the actress Bernadette Sullivan.[1]

The character briefly appears in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, providing instructional help to the player in the game's tutorial.[1]


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