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Bread is available in a number of forms on Toril. The following are a notable few:

  • Blackbread - is a tasty bread made from finely ground Wastel flour mixed with strong molasses from Amn. Four loaves cost about 10 silver pieces.
  • Crackers - are either plain or flavored with herbs and spices from the Dalelands. Popular flavors include Onion, Garlic, Pepper, and Savory. A 3-dozen piece package of flavored herb crackers costs about 5 silver pieces.
  • Elven Bread - is made only in Evermeet. It is a light, sweet, fine-grained bread with extraordinary nutritional value. (The bread acts as very light-weight, double-strength iron rations.) A single loaf costs about 2 gold pieces.
  • Fruitcakes - are studded with dried fruits and nuts, and flavored with rum or brandy from the Pirate Isles of the Inner Sea. They can sometimes be found in decorative tins. A single tin of fruitcake costs about 10 gold pieces.
  • Gingerbread - is made with ginger from Shou Lung. They can sometimes be found in decorative tins. A single tin of gingerbread costs about 1 gold piece.
  • Hard-Tack - is made from flour and water. It is dry and bland, but keeps for a very long time, so is good on long sea voyages. A dozen pieces of hard-tack costs about 10 copper pieces.
  • Noodles - are normally found in Kara-Tur. Kozakuran Udon noodles are fat, white, and long; they are usually simmered with onion and bits of cooked egg. Soba is a fine, thin, vermicelli-like, buckwheat noodle from Wa; it is usually simmered in a broth made from green tea. Bean Curd Noodles are from Shou Lung; they are made from tofu. Ramen is a very curly noodle that cooks in minutes. Since noodles must be imported from Kara-Tur, a pound of any noodle type costs about 15 gold pieces.
  • Sourdough - is from the Pirate Isles of the Inner Sea. A 2-pound, round loaf costs about 15 silver pieces.
  • Tortilla - is from Maztica. It is made of mayz, which is a grain native to Maztica. Any tortilla must be imported from Maztica; 2 dozen pieces cost about 25 gold pieces.



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