Brelaina was the captain of the Watch of Neverwinter.[1]


Brelaina appearance

Brelaina's appearance.

Brelaina was typically dressed as a soldier. She had a Watch uniform, which she kept it in a good condition. She was attractive.


Brelaina, unlike Cormick, was a good diplomat and thought about her next steps wisely. While she did not want to pester people too much, she expected of her soldiers some loyalty, competence, and discipline.


After the city guardhouse was burned and the Kalach-Cha and companions started to work for the Watch, they needed to go to the Merchant Quarter, where her office lay. Brelaina would task them with jobs like stopping bandit shipments, raiding a smuggler's warehouse, and rescuing Fihelis. Once done, she would give them a pass to Blacklake District.

When the Kalach-Cha was accused of being a murderer, Brelaina had a new task: to go to Gannish Estate and hold a transaction. Once completed, she would give a reward. Later, she appeared talking with Aldanon about the prisoner that was held in Crossroad Keep.[1]



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