Bren Tallsword was a male human fighter and the commander of the forces stationed at Castle Crag in Cormyr in the mid–14th century DR.[1][2][3]


Tallsword was a rigid and strict disciplinarian. He also had no qualms about holding the fort at all costs, even to the loss of all lives, including his own.[1][2][3]


Answering to the Warden of the Eastern Marches in Arabel, Bren Tallsword commanded the garrison at Castle Crag, comprising 500 Purple Dragons and a detachment of War Wizards. He had a standing order to hold the castle against invaders, at all costs, but was confident reinforcements from Arabel would arrive or rout invaders before any got past him, provided he gave them time. The Crown considered him ideal for his role in the kingdom's defense.[1][2][3]

Unusually, Bren hired psionicists to instantly transmit secure messages via telepathy to Arabel in the event the castle was attacked. The leadership in Suzail studied the system and considered implementing it throughout the realm, but some conservatives feared it would trigger an arms-race with Zhentil Keep and the Stonelands and would be costly and difficult to manage. Furthermore, they feared the psionicists themselves and giving them such a vital role in the kingdom's defense. However, Bren's plan proved its worth when one of his psionicists, Ormion Bowbreaker, predicted a vicious gnoll raid. War Wizards interrogated Bren's psionicists and declared them trustworthy, and a recruitment drive began.[2][4]

He was known to call for frequent drills and inspections.[1][2][3] He gave no welcome to adventurers, sending them away as soon as he could.[1][3] He even had taverns and hostels near the castle demolished to prevent distractions to the soldiers, but soldiers and adventurers regularly rebuilt them.[1]


Bren Tallsword was serving as commander of Castle Crag by 1367 DR.[1] He remained in the post by 1372 DR.[2][3]


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