Brenna Graycloak was a wizard and councilor of Aglarond.[1]


Brenna was once a city-dweller ignorant of life in the larger world, but after a mission to Thay, her mind was opened. Cities became her favorite places, and Brenna was always comfortable in a town. She was stubborn and wanted to be considered equal to her companions in all situations.[1]


Brenna was born in Glarondar and rose through the ranks of politics until she became a member of the ruling council of Aglarond, where she sometime served as the Simbul's apprentice.

In 1362 DR, she was sent to ask the help of the Harpers Galvin and Wynter to investigate some trouble in Thay and Brenna decided to accompany them. Brenna proved indispensable during the missions, both for her magic powers and her knowledge of Thayan culture. During that mission, she come to love Galvin but knowing his dislike for her beloved cities, she said goodbye to him after the defeat of Maligor.[1]

She later became a Harper.[2]



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