Bresnos Huantilar was a human male from Sembia and a member of the Saerloon chapter of the Cult of the Dragon.[1]


Standing 5'3" (1.5 meters), Bresnos was not a tall man but was rather agile and patient instead.[1]


A devoted member of the Cult of the Dragon, Bresnos was more than willing to lay down his life to preserve the secrets of the Cult's activities.[1]


Skilled in the the use of either short sword or dagger, Bresnos could bring his weapons to bear with lightning quick reactions. Having trained himself to fight even without a light source he preferred to fight his opponents in the dark.[1]


Bresnos utilized both poison and a magically sharp short sword to deadly effect. If needed, Bresnos could disappear from view entirely by using dust of disappearance.[1]


In mid-1372 DR, members of the Saerloon chapter of the Cult of the Dragon found a portal in a wine shop that they had been using as front for their activities. They also found a set of gold plates explaining how the portal operated and began exploring the portal nexus that it lead to. However, after a disastrous foray by a band of orcs, the Cultists decided to retreat and leave the Saerloon portal under guard. Bresnos readily volunteered for this task and was in turn given copies of the instructions on how to shut the portal system down, if needed.[1]


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