Brindani was a half-elf fighter and former mercenary.


Brin fought alongside Uthalion in Caidris when the village was attacked by the Abolethic Sovereignty. He was addicted to silkroot, which was slowly killing him.[1]

In 1479 DR, he was hired by Ghaelya to journey to Tohrepur in the Mere-That-Was region of Akanûl on a mission to rescue Ghaelya's twin sister from a cult known as The Choir. Brindani sought the help of his old friend Uthalion, who was living in the Spur Forest. Together, they travelled with Ghaelya through the Mere-That-Was. While passing through the village of Caidris, Brindani was briefly captured by a member of The Choir, who corrupted him so that he slowly turned into an aberration. When the group reached Tohrepur, they confronted Lord Khault, the leader of The Choir. Brindani killed Khault but died from injuries he received during the fight.[1]


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