Brindol the Burned was a firesoul genasi and the leader of the genasi faction that lived in the Dominion of the Burned in Glaur as of 1479 DR.[2]


Brindol was a fiery genasi armored in a carapace of burn-blackened iron, that had trophies of Brindol's past victories bolted across all the armor. Red tattoo-like designs curled across the rest of his body.[2]


Brindol wielded a mighty warhammer that sometimes lighted with Brindol's own fire. Brindol also had two loyal "hounds", half-tamed anaxims he had subdued and trained to answer to him and him alone.[2]


As the leader of the Burned, Brindol was the owner of the key of the Birthing Furnace, a relic crafted by the primordial Nehushta, and thus he was responsible for the survival of the Burned genasi community as a whole. Brindol was also in charge of dispensing justice when necessary. Brindol was reputed to be even crueler with those genasi that had displeased him than former Burned leaders.[2]


In 1469 DR, Brindol became the leader of the few Burned who survived an anaxim invasion. Under his leadership, the Burned were able to conquer the small section of Glaur known as the Dominion of the Burned.[2]


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