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The Broken Pike was a tavern in the subterranean city of Skullport in Undermountain. It was owned and run by Marks in 1370 DR.[1]

A one-story tavern of shabby quality yet average prices, the Broken Pike's patron were a motley crew of fences, pirates, and smugglers. They were a tight-knit bunch who saw all strangers as targets and prey. One had to stay alert and ready for tricks or violence.[1]

Some regulars used the Broken Pike as a venue to plan their crimes, from theft to murder to worse deeds. It was also a meeting place for the Unseen, so some regular patrons were doppelgangers. The duergar fence Thurn Blackskull could be found here many afternoons.[1]



This is misspelled as "Broken Pipe" when briefly mentioned on page 100 of Cloak & Dagger.


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