Bryan the Bold was a vassal of Edenvale in the Utter East, as well as a bloodforge mage[1] during the time of the Bloodforge Wars (648657 DR).[2]


Bryan was a vassal of Edenvale with no noble heritage. However, he commanded a bloodforge.[1]

When Princess Roxanna of Edenvale declared that she would only marry one who could best her in battle, Bryan was one of the men who took up the challenge. Where before Roxanna had only fought a series of weapons duels against many would-be suitors, Bryan challenged her to bloodforge battle instead, escalating the contests into a conflict known as Matchmaker Mayhem.[1][note 1]

Bryan the Bold
Matchmaker Mayhem Bryan 1

Bryan challenging Roxanna to battle after one of her duels.

As his army made camp outside Herne's Wood, Bryan issued his quite-serious challenge to Roxanna, declaring that he would invade the kingdom the next day. Roxanna therefore met him in bloodforge battle. Bryan was victorious, so Roxanna angrily and begrudgingly accepted to have him as a suitor.[1]
However, Bryan offered Roxanna a second chance, with a second bloodforge battle to be fought in the Web Mountains. For a prize, he would hide an expensive dowry in the mountains if she in turn offered the keys to the palace. The first to get the other's prize could do as they wished without further malice. Bryan was successful, seizing Roxanna's keys.[1]
Matchmaker Mayhem Bryan 3

Roxanna's secret meeting with Bryan at Edenvale Castle.

Despite this, Bryan the Bold now turned strangely shy, declining to enter Edenvale Castle and worrying his lack of noble lineage would bring dishonor on Roxanna if she wed him. This time, it was Roxanna who made him a proposal: her father was now plotting to marry her off anyway, but she preferred Bryan to any other, and so invited him to take Edenvale Castle and seize her father's crown.[1]
Finally, Bryan wooed Roxanna, they fell in love and were wed, ruling jointly over Edenvale, much to her father's chagrin. They had many children (at least three) as potential heirs, which worried neighboring kingdoms.[1]
Roxanna of Edenvale
Bryan issued an ultimatum to Roxanna, threatening to invade Edenvale unless she married him. Instead, Roxanna defended her realm in a bloodforge battle outside Edenvale Castle, and defeated Bryan.[1]


Bryan the Bold had pale skin and brown hair, and typically wore studded leather armor and green breeches, with a sword.[1]


Matchmaker Mayhem Bryan 4b

A happy family for Bryan and Roxanna.

If Bryan married Roxanna, they would have many children and potential heirs (at least three).[1]



  1. In the Blood & Magic game, two alternate campaigns are provided, one for Roxanna and one for Bryan. These are mutually exclusive. An official history is unknown.


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