Bryn Lightfingers was a halfling ranger from a strongheart clan in Red Larch and a member of the Order of the Burning Dawn.[2]


She had the family tendency of a quick temper but also an open mind and curiosity.[2]


Bryn and her brother Belamy came from a family of bakers, known for their crumblecake. When the siblings grew old enough, they left their home and their baking ways to turn to a life of adventure and split up.[2]

When she came out in the world, she began training with the rangers of Ardeep Forest. This ended when the band was hunted out of the area by Eldreth Veluuthra. After a while of living off the land, she meet her brother again, who spoke with her about joining the Order of the Burning Dawn, where she later gained a leadership position.[2]




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