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Bryn Shander was the biggest of the Ten Towns and was known for being a trading center in Icewind Dale.[3]


The city was the only one of the Ten Towns not located on the shores of either Maer Dualdon, Redwaters, or Lac Dinneshere. The Eastway connected the city to the town of Easthaven in the east.[1]


The circular walled town itself was placed upon a hill, with snowy plains stretching in all directions.[1] There were three gates: north, south, and east. The City Hill sat just outside the wall to the northeast of the city.[5]


Because of its defensive location, residents of cities east of Bryn Shander often took refuge within the city walls during wartime.[5]



In 1351 DR, the Ten Towns were attacked by the barbarians of Icewind Dale. With the aid of Drizzt Do'Urden and Bruenor Battlehammer, the horde was defeated at the gates of Bryn Shander.[2] Around 1356 DR, Bryn Shander was under the leadership of spokesman Cassius.[6]


In the fall of 1466 DR, the drow Tiago Baenre defeated the returned demon Errtu on a plain outside the city, endearing himself to the city.[7] In commemoration of that event, a statue of him was erected on that spot, which consisted of a wide black circle. The statue depicted Tiago, the drow warrior, with a sword and shield. The plaque reads: "On this spot did Master Tiago slay the demon. And the snows will cover it nevermore."[8][9]

Notable locationsEdit

Inns & taverns
  • Market Square, a bustling marketplace located in the center of town and featuring knucklehead trout, scrimshaw, vegetables, reindeer meat, and handicrafts.[5]
  • Council Hall, meeting place of the Ten Towns spokesmen; located near the southern wall of the city.[5]
  • Town hall[5]
  • Armory, located at the edge of the Market Square.[5]
  • Regis's House, a house briefly lent to Regis by Cassius.[5]





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