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Bryth Moonaxe was a half-dwarf commander of the Knights of the Crescent Moon who arrived in Iltkazar in the year 1370 DR.[1]


Bryth was a rare half-dwarf born from the Lady of the Seven Silver Stars, Elhanna Moonhawk, and First Axe Therlarn Axesong. He became the commander of the Order of the Crescent Moon. Bryth and all his fellows voluntarily underwent a Phezult's sleep of ages spell.

They awoke in 1370 DR, 1,445 years later. Under the able leadership of Bryth, the members of the order slowly adapted to that time and tried to reforge the bond with the crown of Iltkazar. However, Bryth saw stagnation around him and spoke against it, while also asking for a war against the beholder Alimir Hive.[1]



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