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A buckler was a small shield useful as a defense in melee combat. Due to its small size, a buckler was of limited use in defending against missiles.[citation needed]


Bucklers could be made from various objects. Fighting clerics could strap a field brazier to their arm to serve as a buckler.[1] The eladrin wizard Caelynna used a clamshell as a buckler.[2] In Zakhara, many daraqs (Zakharan bucklers) were made from tortoise shells.[3]

Bucklers were used by many groups. The Cultists of the Shattered Peak typically used bucklers.[4] The amlakkar guard of Calimport typically wielded scimitars with bucklers.[citation needed]

Bucklers sometimes served a symbolic purpose. Priests of Arvoreen wore buckler amulets.[5]

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