Buldegas Mhaerkoon was a human man living in the cities of Wheloon and Arabel in Cormyr. He was the proprietor of the Wyvern Watch Inn and another inn.[1][2][3]


Buldegas was formerly a warrior.[1]

He was the long-time owner of the Wyvern Watch Inn, in business by 1358 DR. During the Time of Troubles, he gave shelter to Kelemvor Lyonsbane, Midnight, and Adon, hiding them from their foes.[2]

He continued to manage the Wyvern through 1369 DR.[1]

Following the devastation of the neighboring city of Arabel during the Goblin War in 1370 DR, Buldegas chose to relocate there and build a new inn. He took away his money and some of his best employees. He was only recently gone by 1374. He left his two daughters, Asanta and Baerill, in charge of the Wyvern.[3]


Buldegas Mhaerkoon was overweight and red-faced.[1]


He was a cynical man but generally kind and generous.[2][1] He was often patriotic to Cormyr, and always an entrepreneur.[3]


Buldegas had two daughters, Asanta & Baerill.[3]


Buldegas made the Wyvern Watch Inn successful with his low prices, though he also went for low quality. He watered down the beer and wine, and instructed his daughters to do the same, though they conveniently forgot to do so.[1][3]


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