Bull's strength,[2] also known simply as strength,[5][6][8][9] was an arcane or divine spell that caused the recipient to become stronger.[2][5][6][8]


There were at least two versions of this spell, bull's strength that could be cast by both arcane and divine spellcasters,[2] and strength which was only used by wizards.[5][6][8] The two versions differed in duration, but otherwise had very similar effects. Both required the caster to successfully touch the target in order to bestow the benefits of this spell. The recipient gained a significant amount of strength, but not more than the strongest known specimen of his or her race, class, or species. For a time, the recipient gained all benefits for strength both in and out of combat. For bull's strength, this lasted a few minutes,[2] whereas the arcane-only strength lasted for hours.[5][6][8]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, bull's strength required a sample of hair or dung from a bull.[2] The older strength spell accepted a similar sample from any strong animal, such as an ape, ox, bear, etc.[5][6][8]


This spell was invented by the Netherese archmage Quantoul in 1835 NR (−2024 DR) and was known as Quantoul's strength.[10] After the fall of the Netherese empire, the inventor's name was eventually dropped and it became known as simply strength.



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