Bupposo was a Winter Sect monk in Nakamaru around 1357 DR.[1]


Bupposo was a good teacher at the monastery. Often he secretly went out with his friend Kogi. Bupposo was a very poor monk.[1]


Bupposo was at Winter Sect monastery from many years but remained a middle-level monk[1] Bupposo and his friend Kogi elaborated a good prank against Tsuyoi-no-kami monks: they payed Ichi the Korobokuru yakuza to find a girl that can seduce the rival monks. So the young maiden O-Shino, acting under the orders of monks temped Anchin and Kaian[2]


Bupposo was a stubborn, mischievous and irreverent individual and also spiteful, remembering for a very long time slights. his only virtue was an incredible patience.[1]



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