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The Buried Realms, called the Phaerlin by the phaerimm, lie underneath the desert of Anauroch. This domain of the Underdark is home to the phaerimm, who are confined to the Buried Realms by the Sharnwall. This magical artifice that functions as a barrier for the phaerimm between their realm and the rest of Faerûn was created thousands of years ago by the Sharn to imprison the phaerimm.

In old times Anauroch was the site of the Netherese empire, now long lost and gone. Its ruins are found hidden in the sand and rocks of the Buried Realms. Since adventurers of any race can pass safely through the Sharnwall with the exception of the phaerimm themselves, many exploration parties have ventured into the Buried Realms in search of ancient lore or highly prized Netherese magical items.

On 20 Nightal, 1371 DR, the magical barrier was breached near the city of Evereska, setting the phaerimm free to wreak havoc in a wider world. The return of Thultanthar has contained the phaerimm so far.

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