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The Burning Daggers were a fanatical Kossuth-worshiping group of orcs in Thar.[1]


Each of them was branded in the center of the face with a dagger symbol as a sign of devotion.[1]


They inhabited deep caverns in Thar, around twenty miles from Glister, where there was a rift to the Elemental Plane of Fire, into which they threw anyone they took captive. A black flaming dagger floated in the air inside this rift. It had been the focus of many searches by the Black Flame Zealots for a long time.[1]


The branding of each orc took place once a year as a sign of devotion to Kossuth. The dagger brand covered the whole of the center of the face, with the point reaching towards the chin and the pommel on the forehead.[1]


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