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The Burning Pool of Natifa was a small wonderous body of water located in Zakhara, the Land of Fate.[1]


The Burning Pool of Natifa was located near a cluster of crescent-shaped barchan dunes west of the Mountains of Forgotten Dreams.[1]


The pool measured 40 feet (12.2 m) wide and was 20 feet (6.1 m) deep. The water of the pool had a sweet smell of lemons and roses. Spindly plants called arafaj covered the entire surface of the pool, burning continuously and illuminating the entire pool with a magical glow that could be seen 10 miles (16.1 km) away. These plants burned whenever they were in contact with the pool's surface; even rain did not extinguish them.[1]

Periodically, a fountain would shoot water 20 feet (6.1 m) into the air.[1]

A stone oven could be found near the southern end of the pool, complete with pots and other accessories.[1]


The pool took its name from Natifa, a ghost who inhabited the pool.[1]



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