Burruld was a cloud giant and master of a cloud castle in the late 15th century DR.


In 1491 DR, Burruld was ordered by the Storm King Skyvald to find his missing daughter, Princess Irie. To that end, Burruld piloted his cloud castle to hover over the city.[citation needed]

When the citizens of Waterdeep noticed a cloud castle floating over the city, they raised the alarm. Vajra Safahr, the Blackstaff, gained entry into the cloud castle but found only mist and shadows. The Lady Mage of Waterdeep shouted a warning to the inhabitants of the cloud castle to depart or be destroyed.[1] However, the Open Lord of Waterdeep, Laeral Silverhand, tried a more peaceful path than Vajra and sought to parlay with the cloud giants. This diplomatic move proved successful and the Open Lord of Waterdeep was introduced to Burruld, master of the cloud castle.[2]

Burruld told Laeral that he was only following the commands of King Skyvald and asked Laeral Silverhand if any captive storm giantesses were in Waterdeep, disguised or otherwise.[3] The Open Lord promised to look for Irie and was offered a map of the city once Burruld's family finished their calculations and drawings of Waterdeep. Laeral Silverhand asked Burruld if he had information related to the giant-manned ship that was ramming and sinking merchant ships, but the cloud giant was unable to help. Burruld assured the Open Lord that his cloud castle had no hostile intentions towards Waterdeep and Laeral left on peaceful and positive terms with Burruld after a blood handshake.[4]



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