Bushido were a mercenary company based in Chessenta around 1358 DR.[1]



Organized as an army, Bushido contained 60 heavy infantry, 60 medium cavalry, and 60 mounted archers.[1]


Usually, the Bushido used their footmen as a wall against foes while the archers harried them. The cavalry was used for a final attack or to cover a withdrawal. Hard-riding messengers maintained contact between Noro and his three lieutenants.[1]


The Bushido accepted only honorable work. They charged 700 gold pieces per week for their services.[1]


They were commanded by the samurai Noro Amoto with a firm hand.[1]


The Bushido fought two inconclusive battles against the Renegades.[1]


The samurai Noro Amoto founded the Bushido army to fight the Tuigan during the Horde Wars.[1]

Inspired by the Faerûnians' bravery during that war, Noro and his men decided to go to Faerûn even after the defeat of the Grand Army of the Tuigan, hoping to learn more about Faerûnian culture in order to strengthen Kara-Tur.[1]



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