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Byrtyn Fey was the matron mother of House Fey-Branche in Menzoberranzan.[1]


Byrtyn had a well-rounded, sensual figure. She was well aware of this and wore revealing robes and shawls in order to emphasize her sensual appeal.[4]


Byrtyn was known for being hedonistic.[5] She seduced males and had many public "passionate affairs" and "ribald exploits."[4]

She was also a great repository of information about the other houses in the city; in fact, this knowledge helped deter other houses from attacking her house and revealing their secrets.[6]


Byrtyn was matron mother in 1367 DR, when it was the eighth house of Menzoberranzan.[7] Her house was long the sixth house until it became the fifth house in 1484 DR when House Xorlarrin departed Menzoberranzan for Q'Xorlarrin.[8] Byrtyn was still matron mother at this time and sat on the Council of Eight.[9]

At time of Rage of Demons she was considered the most skilled in forging alliance [10]


Byrtyn possessed a six-headed whip of fangs, but preferred to use her violet tentacle rod as a weapon. She carried a spider wand and brewed potent potions of magic resistance.[4]


Byrtyn did not keep patrons regularly. However, in 1484 DR, Byrtyn's patron was Calagher Fey-Branche.[11] She had a number of daughters.[4]





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