Caelar Argent, most commonly known as the Shining Lady, led a crusade against Dragonspear Castle around 1368 DR.

She hailed from Waterdeep, where her family had ties with the Order of the Aster. Her uncle Aun Argent was a noted paladin in the Order and Caelar was also a member. Divine blood runs through the Argents family, it had lain dormant generations till Caelar was born. As a child of nine, she was tasked to watch over the Order's library where she succumbed to temptation and read aloud from the Tome of The Nine then got herself locked in Belhifet's torture cage in Avernus. Aun Argent made an offer to Belhifet and trade his own soul for Caelar's.

Afterward, Caelar left the order, then she met Hephernaan, a strange cleric who is a servant of Belhifet. Hephernaan hid his true identity well and managed to convince Caelar to lead a crusade to invade Avernus in order to rescue her uncle. They gathered an army and marched to Dragonspear Castle, where it was known that a gate to the Nine Hells existed.[1]




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