Caelynna, often referred to as The Blue Lady, was a powerful Eladrin wizard who was banished to Toril around the same time the spellplague struck. She was bound to a small piece of the Feywild that was transported to the bottom of the Sea of Fallen Stars between Pirate Isle and Prespur. She was either spellscarred by the spellplague or was able to develop her own innate powers to make herself much more powerful than she had been on Abeir. She twisted the sea creatures into strange monsters and created an area where surface dwellers could breath and move freely underwater.[1]

Caelynna began using her powers to sink ships that travelled close to her domain. So many ships were sunk that sailors began to tell of legends of the Blue Lady. One the passengers on a ship she sunk named the Grayling was the scribe Bayel Droust who had in his possession two books written by a Shou monk named Liou Chang that described how to open teleportation gates. Caelynna wanted the magic so that she could open a gate and return to the Feywild. She imprisoned Bayel and kept him alive for many years while he worked at translating the books.[1]

Two monks, Kwan Shang-Li and his father Kwan Yung were sent by the Standing Tree Monastery to recover all Liou Chang's lost works. They located the probable location of the Grayling's wreck and sailed a ship owned by the monastery to an area near Prespur. Caelynna sunk the ship and took Kwan Shang-Li to her citadel where she forced him to attempt to translate the tomes.[1]

While Kwan was at the citadel, his surviving shipmates worked to repair the wreck of their ship and managed to float it to the surface with the help of Amree, the ship's mage. Kwan rejoined the ship and fought Cealynna and her minions, killing her with magical staves given to him by an eladrin enemy of Caelynna.[1]


Caelynna appeared as a beautiful, lithe elf with blue skin and silver eyes.[1]


Caelynna was an extremely powerful wizard. Whether she obtained her power from the spellplague or was able to develop them herself is unknown. Among other things, she was able to control the weather to create storms that could sink ships. She was able to create a region on the bottom of the Sea of Fallen Stars that contained breathable water and allowed surface dwellers to move normally underwater.


Caelynna wore seashell armor and carried a clamshell buckler.


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