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Cairn was a divine conjuration spell that created a pile of rocks.[1]


The spell gathered rocks and stones from all around (not including any organic or other materials) and dropped them on a given location from a height of 20 feet (6 meters). This created a rough pile some 5 feet (1.5 meters) and 15 feet (4.5 meters) high.[1]


The cairn spell had a number of common uses, typically to form a grave, but also to mark a specific location, to bury or hide a buried stash or store, or whatever else one might use a pile of rocks for. More dangerously, it could be used to crush a victim under the falling rocks, and even bury them.[1]


The spell required at least eight pebbles that could all fit in the caster's hand. The actual stones used in the cairn were lifted from random locations in the vicinity.[1]


The cairn spell appeared within the Tome of Torment, the holiest book of the church of Ilmater, which first appeared in the Realms in 848 DR.[1]

In 1341 DR, the rogue priest of Ilmater, Brother Bloirt Waelarn used a cairn spell from the Tome to bury Sir Guth. He then dug Guth out with a pick, using an axe to chop off any limb that was revealed, soon killing the knight.[2]


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