Caligrostos are perhaps the most sadistic of the known types of loumara, and considering the other three include the nature-razing wrath of the manitous, the corpse-haunting decadence of the dybbuks, and the murder-happy malevolence of the guecubus, this indicates a level of cruelty that some demons might even be shocked at. Spawned in the Dreaming Gulf of the Abyss from the nightmares of a long-forgotten dead god of healing and craftsmanship, the caligrosto come into the world with a red lust for the edge of a blade. Although incorporeal (and remaining so once they have created a fiendish shade), a caligrosto’s weapon remains a physical object and is thus subject to armor. Likewise, while a caligrosto can move through solid objects, they do so only in cases of extreme peril, since doing so forces them to leave behind their weapon and abandon their current fiendish shade. A caligrosto forced to abandon a favored weapon becomes obsessed with reclaiming control of that weapon, and once it does so, its wrath invariably turns upon those who forced it to abandon its blade.[1]


A caligrosto is far more likely to possess a weapon in an active shop, forge, or armory than it is to possess weapons in remote hidden treasure caches or abandoned battlefields. These hateful demons live for little else than the thrill of cutting, but powerful demons or other creatures can sometimes convince platoons of caligrostos to serve them as guards or soldiers. As long as a caligrosto legion is allowed to cut and stab on a regular basis, these demons quickly become used to the guarantee of new victims and the security of dwelling in the shadow of a powerful lord.

Strategies and TacticsEdit

Once a caligrosto possesses a slashing weapon, it waits patiently for a prospective wielder to take it. After a caligrosto has tasted the flesh and blood of a creature, it tears free from its wielder and becomes fully able to carry on with its remorseless need to cut and slice living flesh from bone, usually starting with its erstwhile wielder.



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