Calimar Arkhenneld was a drow lich enchanter of the city of Sshamath in the 14th century DR. He was the Master Emeritus of the School of Enchantment and Charm, as well as a former member of the ruling Conclave of Sshamath.[1]


Calimar was more than thirteen hundred years old by mid–14th century, putting his birthdate around the start of Dalereckoning.

In time, Calimar became the leader of the School of Enchantment and Charm and so a member of the ruling Conclave. However, after a time, he resigned to dedicate himself to study.


Calimar had little interest in the everyday politics of the city and the Conclave. Instead, he concentrated one studying the mysteries of magic, devoting himself to the goddess Mystra.

He was also the top creator of magical items in the city. In his long years of activity, Calimar created hundreds of unique objects, some copied from examples brought from fallen Netheril.[1]



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