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Calimban Knoll, formerly called Calim's Bane, was a stone circle marking where a battle was fought in the Calim Desert at the end of the Fourth Age of Calimshan.[1]


Located near the northern border of the Calim Desert, 25 miles south of Memnon just off the Trade Way, Calimban Knoll was a circle of 21 menhirs 700 yards in diameter with a tiny, rocky mound in the center. The appearance of this site varied depending on conditions in the desert. At times, the hill was exposed; at other times, sand covered the knoll, such that only the tops of the standing stones were visible. By 1370 DR, a third of the stones had toppled over.[1]


The site memorialized where a small band of escaped slaves held off a full legion of Calishite soldiers in the Fourth Age of Calimshan.[1]

Rumors and LegendsEdit

Despite the passage of centuries, some magic seemed to preserve the menhirs, and Memnon's Crackle was unable to disturb the site.[1]


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