The Calimemnon Crystal was the magically created crystal that entrapped the essence of the genies Calim and Memnon and hundreds of their servants. It was one of the most powerful magical artifacts ever to exist in Faerûn[1] and the greatest magical achievement of the elves of Tethir and Mir.[2]


To the normal eye, the Calimemnon Crystal appeared like a diamond with more than 60 sides. It sparkled, even when no light was present to shine on it. When viewed with a true seeing spell, however, the gem revealed itself to be a grotesque sight, as the faces of its genie captives could be seen straining and contorting against its many faces, struggling to escape.[1]

The Crystal was always cold, and this cold could be felt even if one were not touching it directly. This led to many theories among scholars as to its composition. Some said it was made from elemental air and fire, others said it was composed of frozen air, others said exceptionally cold ice, and still others prismatic ice.[1]


The Crystal produced several powerful magical effects that were always present around it. Magical rays arced from the gem, and these rays could either heal or drain life. The Crystal was sometimes invisible, and it also caused the walls of its blade-covered chamber to be invisible. It also produced powerful illusions. It was thus possible for one to be in the presence of the gem and believe that he or she was in another place altogether.[1]

It was believed that anyone touching—or even in the presence of—this powerful artifact would temporarily gain the powers of one or more of the many genies trapped within.[1]

It was also believed that if Calim's Breath or Memnon's Crackle were ever to come in contact with the gem, then that genie would be freed and he would destroy his archenemy forever.[1][2]


From the time of its creation until Calim and Memnon were freed after the Spellplague, the Crystal was safely protected in the Spinning Keep of Siri'wadjen, a magical floating fortress in the middle of the Calim Desert.[1][2]


The Era of Skyfire ended on Ches 4,[3] circa −6100 DR, when the great elven high mage Pharos created the Crystal to be the prison for Calim and Memnon.[4] For nearly 9,000 years, as a baelnorn, Pharos guarded the gem with magic and powerful illusions.[2]

At least one person in history, a gnome explorer and illusionist, managed to enter the Spinning Keep and view the gem, but she did not touch it. Her account was recorded, and a copy of it was found in both Ralan el Pesarkhal's and Elminster Aumar's private libraries.[5]

After the Spellplague, the Calimemnon Crystal shattered, freeing Calim, Memnon, and their servants and beginning the Second Era of Skyfire.[6]


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