Calindra was a female human of Port Llast on the Sword Coast North in the 1370s DR.[1]


Calindra was a miner, who came from Amn in search for work. She had a partner named Bradly, who went missing.[1]


The Kalach-Cha and the companions could encounter Calindra in the Alliance Arms Inn, who would ask them to find Bradly. Bradly was actually taken by gnomish werewolves who wanted to make him a werewolf as well, but left him dead in a cave in the Duskwood, where he could be found. They could report back to Calindra if they discovered the miner's fate.

After the Kalach-Cha became the Captain of Crossroad Keep, Calindra could have been employed as a miner to dig through the ore mines that the Kalach-Cha could find on their travels.[1]



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