Callarduran Smoothhands (pronounced: /ˈkɑːlɜːrdərɑːnKAL-ur-duhr-an[1]), also known as the Deep Brother, was a neutral gnome deity. He was primarily venerated as the patron of the Underdark-dwelling gnome subrace, the svirfneblin.[1]


The church of Callarduran was highly organized, so that clans could share information and coordinate against the dangers of the Underdark, such as the drow.[1]


Callarduran was a distant ally of the other non-evil deities of the gnome pantheon. He was also loosely linked to the other patrons of non-evil Underdark deities, such as Eilistraee, Shevarash, Dumathoin, and Geb. His foes were the Dark Seldarine and the other evil Underdark deities.[1]



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