Calm water was an arcane abjuration spell that could turn an area of choppy or violent waves into calm seas. The reverse of this spell, churn water, could create an area of high waves in relatively calm conditions.[1]


This spell could be cast out to a distance of 360 yd (330 m) and affect a circular area at least 180 ft (55 m) in radius (larger for more experienced casters). The effects lasted at least 90 minutes with higher level casters able to extend the duration. Calm water reduced wave action in the target area to the point where even vessels of questionable seaworthiness could operate and navigate with no danger from wave action. However, this spell did not quell any storm surge caused by surrounding weather conditions, so a vessel could still experience swells that were affecting the sea itself while being protected from rough surface waves.[1]

When cast in reverse, churn water caused waves up to 9 ft (2.7 m) tall (even higher for casters of greater experience) to appear in the area of effect.[1][note 1]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, calm water required a bottle of oil worth at least 100 gp be poured onto the rough sea. Churn water required a silver wire mesh or frame costing 100 gp to be spun in a circular motion and then tossed into the sea.[1]


This spell was associated with the pirates that roamed the Sea of Fallen Stars.[3]


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  1. This spell did not create water and therefore had to be cast on a body of water sufficiently large to form and support tall waves.


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