Calum was a male dwarf and a member of the Neverwinter Nine on the Sword Coast North in the 1370s DR.


Calum was one of the members of the Neverwinter Nine. When Lord Nasher issued an order to open a route to Yartar, he sent Calum to Old Owl Well to attack the orcs there.[1]

Calum may have issued the Kalach-Cha with an order to find Issani, the messenger from Waterdeep, who did not arrive, as well as to contact someone who was attacking the orcs. Once the orcs' leaders, Yaisog and Logram, were defeated, Calum congratulated them and Casavir (the latter being his friend) then rewarded them.

During the Kalach-Cha's trial, Calum may have told of the victory at the Old Owl Well, as the fact Kalach-Cha helped him. Torio then asked if he knew that the Kalach-Cha's lawyer, Sand, was from Luskan. The Kalach-Cha then had to persuade Calum that Sand being from Luskan had no bearing on the trial. If successful, Calum would then ignore Torio.

Later, Calum appeared fighting a shadow reaver and his blade golems. Before dying, Calum warned the Kalach-Cha that Highcliff had fallen to the enemy.[1]



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