Cambions (pronounced: /ˈkæmbinzKÆM-bee-onz[2]) are considered to be the result of breeding a devil[3] with mortals. The offspring of a mortal male and a succubus is a different creature known as an alu-fiend.[4] In general, a cambion is described as any humanoid creature that is half-fiend.[5]

Scholars have differed over the years as to the exact meaning of the term "cambion". Past scholars used the term to denote "the union of a planetouched woman (usually a tiefling) and a tanar'ri" [6]. They also further delineated this terminology to create "noble cambions": Marquis and Baron cambions are similarly sired by a demon lord father and a female humanoid half-fiend.

In more recent times (since the Spellplague), the terminology and usage of this term has shifted to mean the union of a mortal female and a devil.[3]

Physiology Edit

The mothers of true cambions always die in childbirth, serving to strand the newborn on the Material Plane where it will be orphaned, or in the Abyss where it will be abused by the demons who look down upon such children. Never accepted by either societies, cambions invariably grow up bitter and twisted but, due to their powers, they often become exceptional assassins. Many though, have been made the ambassadors to the worshipers of various demonic powers, usually Graz'zt, Demogorgon, Orcus and Lolth

Loners by nature, they like to get lost in the crowds of large cities, especially in places where people don't ask questions. Good-aligned cambions are rare, but sometimes, if their mother was good or neutral-aligned, they take on her nonevil nature and are subsequently doomed to a life of loneliness as not even their demonic patrons will accept them.

Cambions excel in luring mortals to the Abyss, the only demons better at it are succubi. They then warn demons of the mortals' approach and let them do what they do best so the souls can be turned into larvae or manes.

Cambions are very ambitious and always put as much effort as they can into whatever they try to do, maybe either to prove themselves to a parent or to themselves, but regardless, they make great leaders, information brokers, etc. and are often catalysts for major events.

Cambions breed true with each other, but they often prefer to seek out humanoid mates to create tiefling children.[7].

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Behind the ScenesEdit

In 1st and 2nd edition of Dungeons & Dragons, and by extension the Forgotten Realms, cambion was a term that meant the offspring of a demon (other than a succubus) and a human. In 3rd edition, it was a synonym for any half-fiend (according to the Monster Manual 3rd edition). The Expedition to the Demonweb Pits adventure threw in a third definition, claiming that a cambion was the child of a demon and a tiefling. Now with the 4th edition we are given a fourth meaning yet: the child of a human and a devil.



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