Whether you're a novice DM getting ready to referee your first AD&D® game or an old pro who's running an established campaign, there's something for you in the Campaign Sourcebook and Catacomb Guide. We've included dozens of helpful tips to help you better organize your games, design adventures, and make your NPCs come to life. In addition, we've included a number of settings for unusual dungeons. In short, there's something for everybody in this exciting addition to the AD&D game system.


  • Logistics of Play
  • Styles of Play
  • Pacing and Theatrics
  • Uses of Judgment
  • Creating the Campaign
  • Creating the World
  • Maps and Map Making
  • Creating the Adventure
  • Making NPCs Live
  • Dungeon Settings
  • The Dungeon Campaign
  • Generic Dungeons
    • The Great Pyramid
    • The Primitive Temple
    • The Modern Temple
    • The Limestone Cavern
    • The Beehive Fort
    • The Castle on Moors


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