A candle of truth was a common magical item that created a zone of truth around it when lit.[1]


Candles of truth were white, half-pound (quarter-kilogram) candles made of tallow and enchanted with a zone of truth spell. They could burn for one hour and typically sold for 2,500 gold pieces.[1]

A candle of truth gave of a faint enchantment aura.[1]


When lit, the magic candle strongly compelled anyone within a five-foot (1.5-meter) radius to tell only the truth. The candle could only be used one time; if it was snuffed out, relighting it would not re-initiate the magic effect.[1]


Anyone trained in the art of crafting wondrous magical items who also knew the spell zone of truth could create this type of item.[1]

Notable OwnersEdit

The infamous adventurer Horlo Aumrabbar was in possession of a candle of truth.[2]


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