Candlemas was Lady Polaris' high steward of Delia in the Netherese Empire.[1][3]


The bearded wizard was short, fat, and balding.[2]


Candlemas preferred to dress in a plain brown sackcloth smock which was tied with a length of rope.[2]


The mentalist looked up to Lady Polaris, but butted heads with her chamberlain, Sysquemalyn.[3]


During the Shadowed Age, Candlemas and Sysquemalyn gambled whether or not Sunbright Steelshanks would survive dangerous tasks.[2] Around -339 DR, the archwizard known as Karsus stole Candlemas from the past and brought him to the future to aid him in crafting his most powerful spells.[3]

After returning from the future, Candlemas was murdered by Sysquemalyn in -694 DR.[3]




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