Cape Velen was a lightly-populated duchy in Tethyr ruled in 1369 DR by Duke Llachior Blackthorn.[2]


Cape Velen encompassed the Dragon's Neck Peninsula, which was also called the Velen Peninsula or the Tethyr Peninsula.[2][4] Most of the settled land was on the coast; the interior of the peninsula was forested and connected to the Forest of Tethir to the east.[5]

This duchy contained the counties of Firedrake, Fyraven, and Greenshores.[5]


Duke Llachior Blackthorn ruled the Cape from castle Tordraken.[2]


The founding clans of Tethyr originated in this part of the country.[2]

The coast of Cape Velen was struck by an immense tidal wave on Midsummer Night in the Year of Silent Screams, -133 DR. The flooding killed a large percentage of the population of the peninsula and destoryed the city of Velen.[6]


Cape Velen was said to have been infested with ghosts. The people living there, however, did not seem much bothered by this.[2]

By 1369 DR, the Twisted Rune had placed a magical gate in the area to allow for instantaneous movement to other locations.[7]



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