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Capnolithyl (also known as Brimstone) is a vampiric smoke drake who features in The Year of Rogue Dragons trilogy by author Richard Lee Byers.


Capnolithyl appears to be a normal, adult smoke drake. He has reddish black scales, and can change into a cloud of embers and smoke at will. The illusion of normalcy is shattered by the overlarge canines protruding from his mouth. Capnolithyl is a vampire, and must consume blood to maintain his strength.


Capnolithyl was a former agent of Sammaster, and assisted in his research and plots to further the ultimate goal of a dragon-ruled Faerûn. He allowed Sammaster to turn him into a vampire, thinking this would win him favor. Sammaster realized the disadvantages of vampires far outweighed their usefulness, and he discarded Capnolithyl. Since that day, Capnolithyl's only desire was to see Sammaster destroyed. Since the actual destruction however, he has felt a sense of emptiness.

Believed to be dead by his comrades, he remained in the North, in the citadel where the final battle against Sammaster took place, waiting and gathering power. In 1373 DR, he journeyed with Dorn Graybrook and his companions, but also did work on his own. Little is known of the time he spent apart from Graybrook. The entire time he traveled with Graybrook, he did not get along with their traveling cleric, Pavel Shemov, a priest of Lathander, who found it hard to tolerate Capnolithyl's undead condition.

He can remain apart from his hoard due to a magical collar that was shattered by Sammaster. A portion of the collar survived, and Capnolithyl placed it in his body to keep it safe.

Notable accomplishments by Capnolithyl are reversing the Vaasan Horde that were stirred up by Sammaster to cause confusion, help leading to the destruction of the mythal that caused the Rage of Dragons, and the saving of Gareth Dragonsbane, King of Damara.


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