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Carathryn, known as Holy High Carathryn and the Lost Home, was a town that once stood on the seaward coast of the Dragonstail peninsula of the Purple Hills of Tethyr in west Faerûn. Its people were dedicated to Ilmater, the Crying God.[1]


Carathryn was a flourishing town and dominated by the Ilmatari faith.

One morning in the Year of the Vigilant Familiar, 848 DR, the Tome of Torment appeared on the altar of Ilmater. The Ilmatari told the story that Ilmater himself had placed it there. High Priest Ilnger Obskoth proclaimed it as "the hand of holy Ilmater made manifest among us", and it swiftly became the most venerated sacred object in Carathryn.

In the Year of the Shattered Chains, 1123 DR, the Teeth of Talos storms lashed the southern Sword Coast. The storms completely sunk the Dragonstail peninsula, taking Carathryn with it. In later years, both the Dragonstail and Carathryn were a hazard to mariners along the coast, by ripping open the hulls of passing ships.[1]


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