Though not technically a single district, the Caravan District referred to the area surrounding each of the gates of Huzuz.[1]


The Caravan District was crowded with inns, taverns, hostels, animal stalls, and caravanserais.[1]

Mosques were even located in or around the Caravan District so enlightened Zakharans did not need to travel far in order to worship.[1]


The Caravan Districts were designed so that caravan masters and traders could acquire everything needed to load or unload their cargo and enjoy themselves, all within a short vicinity of one of Huzuz's gates.[1]



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Quarters of Huzuz
Clothiers' QuarterNorth QuarterPalace QuarterPeople's Quarter
North CenterSouth CenterWest Center
Unofficial Locations
Caravan DistrictHarbor District

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