A carpet of flying was a wondrous item that had the power of flight. It was a rug that could fly through the air as if affected by a permanent overland flight spell.[1]


Typically, flying carpets were beautifully and intricately made. They typically came in three sizes—a five-foot square, a five-foot-by-five-foot rectangle, and a ten-foot square.[1]


Each carpet had its own command word to activate and could be controlled by spoken words, either from on top of the carpet or elsewhere within hearing range. The smallest size could carry 200 pounds and still function at optimal capacity. The largest size could carry an 800-pound load.[1] Each carpet had a flying speed of four miles per hour.[1][3] Each carpet had average maneuverability and could hover when not moving.[1]


It was said that flying carpets were invented by Calishite or other southern mages as a magical means of transportation that did not involve planar magic since most Calishites were afraid of the latter magics.[4]


Carpets of flying were very common in Calimshan as a method of transportation, as most Calishites avoided evocation magic.[5] They could usually be purchased in Calimshan at a ten percent discount relative to other places in Faerûn.[6] Likewise, they were common in Halruaa.[citation needed]

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  1. The source has 10 lbs., but this must be a typographical error.


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