A carrion crawler is a burrowing aberration that scavenges the dead and occasionally preys on living creatures. Similar to a giant, toothed centipede in appearance, carrion crawlers are often accompanied by a foul odor of death, which warns others of their approach.[5]

Although their nature ultimately rests in the Far Realm, it is thought by many, and indeed is possible, that carrion crawlers were created through a mad wizard's experiments.[3]

Physical descriptionEdit

Carrion crawlers are large, pale yellow, and greenish aberrations whose appearance is akin to a three- to four-foot-long centipede. Crawlers possess eight long tentacles protruding from the sides of their heads, allowing them to stun prey.[5] Carrion crawlers also have two eye stalks, through which they can perceive their surroundings even in the darkest caverns.[3] Additionally, carrion crawlers have a highly developed sense of smell.[5]


Carrion crawlers often lay their eggs within a meal or mounds of waste. When the young hatches, often in numbers reaching into the hundreds, the baby crawlers quickly turn on one another, eating each other. Fortunately, this thins down the numbers of the carrion crawlers substantially, who are also less dangerous at this age, possessing a less effective venom than their adult equivalents.[3]


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