Carthoun Misintle, also known as Alamondh, was a human male and the Hamayarch to the Thultyrl, or ruler, of the city of Procampur in the Vast.[1][2]


Misintle was a powerful evil mage, but used amulets and spells to conceal both his power and his evil nature, presenting himself as a good mage of half his actual power. He discreetly gathered a collection of magical items to aid him, and animated undead servants to carry out his wishes, such as attacking anyone who scrutinized his activities too closely. His goal was to eventually become a lich.[1]


Though formerly known as Carthoun Misintle, by 1358 DR, he was going by the name Alamondh and serving as Hamayarch to Thultyrl Rendeth of the Royal Blood, as his allegedly loyal mage-advisor[1] and as the highest-ranking wizard in the court. The Hamayarch also governed and regulated the magic-users of Procampur.[3]

Misintle had desires on the throne and plotted to kill Rendeth and take his place under a magical disguise. However, he was forced to wait until Rendeth married and produced an heir with the family's distinctive appearance, to prevent suspicion.[1]

Despite the Thultyrl's traditional vow of vengeance on pirates, Alamondh encouraged Rendeth to relax the city's stance on piracy, showing leniency and conciliation. A few pirates were even allowed to use Procampur's port, provided that their crimes were not too great and no Procampan captain accused them of anything.[4]

Both Thultyrl Rendeth and Hamayarch Alamondh were still in power by the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR, though some began to suspect that Alamondh was deceitful and unjust.[2]


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